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My Trip to Ras Tanura, Egypt



You have probably already read about Trip to Ras Tanura and what it means for Sri Lankans. But there is a lot more to this than meets the eye. The story goes that a princess named Devi, who was the daughter of King Rama IV, went on pilgrimage to Ras Tanura (King’s Monastery) to see the last emperor. She was not allowed to enter the palace, but she managed to enter the inner sanctum when her guards were absent. It is rumoured that she then carried a secret stash of poison for the emperor.


Devi was not alone in carrying out this mission. There were several others who along with her group, including her servants and guards, carried out this heinous act. As the caravan approached Ras Tanura airport, the security guards stopped the vehicles and the princess, her entourage and the others were taken away to the police station. The rest of the trip was undisturbed as usual and they arrived at their destination. They were very happy to see each other and exchanged gifts.


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The next morning, they were all in the main hall of the prison waiting for the president of Ras Tanura to come out. When he did, the president announced that all charges against the nine people who had been accused of poisoning the rice had been dropped. It was just then that Devi and the others were seen entering the prison in chains. The whole episode has been captured on video and has been viewed by millions of viewers.


It is very clear from the video footage that the people in the procession were treated very gently by the police and even treated respectfully. The reason for this is that the Ras Tanura airport was being run as efficiently and thoroughly as possible. It is also believed that the authorities realized that it was a small airport and that they should get the people there as fast as possible so that they did not have to wait too long for baggage handlers and police to escort them through the airport.


Once the video was circulating widely on the internet, I started receiving phone calls from people all over the world asking where they could go to get some rest and relaxation after their two week stay in Ras Tanura prison. The number of visitors seemed to be quite a lot, but it is normal for the number of tourists to increase during the peak season. The good news is that all charges have now been dropped. Charges of “misuse of government property” and “uttering public nuisance laws” have also been dropped. This means that all charges will be dropped against the women and all their relatives who had been arrested along with them.


Now that all charges have been dropped, I would like to assure you that once you visit Ras Tanura airport, you are in total freedom. You can sit on the veranda with your family and enjoy the local atmosphere. You can visit any shop to buy your favourite product, but you cannot take anything with you that is not local. You can spend the day swimming in the sea or engage in water sports. You can drink local beer and eat up anything that is served during the day. There is nothing that you cannot enjoy when you visit this beautiful desert town.