What to See When You Go to Vrysoulles

Trip to Vrysoulles isn’t something I usually enjoy, but one night stand I couldn’t resist was the excellent ‘agents’ of this unique little beach town. A quick visit to Google Maps, and we were soon searching for ‘Trip to Vrysoulles ‘in Cyprus’. The results came straight from Cyprus tourism office located in Yerevan. With their assistance we made the booking and despite having to change our luggage and spending a long time waiting for our flights to take off, everything turned out fine.

With Cyprus being relatively new (and only now getting closer to becoming an actual state) most people have not heard about Vrysoulles. The closest it can be described to is a little fishing village on the Mediterranean Sea, or even Larnaca on the coast of Northern Ireland. This location is a real gem to those that love to travel and explore, with plenty of historical and modern sites to explore. It’s only a short drive from Nicosia and nothing looked as though it was coming any closer. The only place you’re likely to find a restaurant is at the little beachfront cafe in front of the Deryni Palace Hotel, a little down the road you will find the perfect little boutique hotel and the shopping district is just a few minutes away by train.

A trip to Vrysoulles is a good idea if you are planning on doing a little ‘work-on-the-car’. Most roads in Cyprus are in very good condition and even if you don’t make it to the coast by road there is a good selection of motorways and buses that can take you almost anywhere. Cyprus is a wonderful little country, so if you have never been there before it really is a good idea to give it a go. If you are really adventurous, you could even try a little ‘car washing’! The people at the airport would be happy to help out and give you a hand with the process.

Another great thing about Vrysoulles is that it has a vibrant culture. There is plenty of things to do including wine tasting, clay pigeon shooting, sailing, and walking along the beach. There are also a lot of cultural shows throughout the summer. One particular highlight is a festival held during May, where families with children can go and have a variety of workshops taught them about the history, music and dance of Cyprus. It’s a fun family-friendly event and it’s completely free to attend!

If you’re looking for more adventure, why not try a trip to the Dardan Peninsula? It is a smaller region but has still managed to attract a lot of visitors because of its natural beauty, stunning coastlines and rich marine life. A trip to the area would take around three days. You can either choose to stay on the peninsula by accommodation or if you prefer it’s easier to drive to the closest town which is, Nicosia. On your way you will pass through the towns of Famagusta, Stavros and Rasouli, before arriving at the secluded Haifa port.

Overall, Cyprus has a lot to offer visitors of all ages. If you’re interested in history and art, you’ll be pleased to know that there are numerous museums to visit. If you’re a lover of the sea and the beach, there are plenty of great beaches to explore. Whatever you’re after in terms of places to visit in Cyprus, you’re sure to find something great when you visit Vrysoulles.