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The beautiful town of Albury in the eastern Victoria region of Australia has long been a popular picnic destination. Known as “The Little Rock of the South”, the quaint community features picturesque views of the rolling hills and mountains of the Great Dividing Range. The small town has a wide variety of attractions and activities for every taste. There are many parks, lakes, historic buildings, caves and walking tracks to explore. A trip to this charming town is sure to please even the most discriminating traveler.

Trip to Albury

There are many ways to travel around this charming town. If one prefers the simplicity of self guided touring, there are plenty of historic buildings and museums to visit. Most tour groups include this part of their itinerary when offering a luxury trip to Australia. However, there are also great opportunities to explore on one’s own. There are abundant sources of local produce, wildlife and scenery to be explored, whether by foot, bike or car.

There are several day trips to choose from when visiting this wonderful region. For example, a morning road trip takes visitors to the Flinders Ranges National Park. Here one can view the indigenous wildlife of Australia and learn about the history of aborigines. Staying at the Ashford Guest House, a three bedroom bed and breakfast, while taking part in this amazing trip allows one to see the surrounding area during the day, then enjoy a delicious lunch and/or light supper to fit in on a budget.

Taking a road trip to Australia’s sunny east coast takes visitors to the coastal city of Albury. Here one can explore the historic towns, take part in water activities, explore historic caves and wineries and enjoy beach and caravan holidays. One of Australia’s oldest aborigine settlements, Olinda, can also be visited along with a number of Indigenous art galleries and organisations. The town of Barossa is the ideal starting point for a driving holiday to Australia’s sunshine state.

After a day of relaxation and exploration, visitors are able to enjoy a romantic dinner at one of the trendy restaurants dotting the area, before walking to the beach and swimming in the clear waters of Barossa Lake. Travelers can stay for about an hour and leave on foot for the chance to hike some of Australia’s famous National Parks including Olinda, which boasts of sweeping sandstone cliffs and indigenous wildlife. Hiking here is about taking it easy and enjoying the greenery of the environment and the flora of the valley below. With just about one hour to spare, one is able to drive to a number of stops including a walking track leading towards Blackall Range, Olinda Overlooks and Mount Evelyn, all made famous by the likes of National Geographic Traveler and In Search of America. After catching up on some local history, enjoy a candlelit dinner under the stars at one of the resort’s outdoor restaurants, where one can also try one of the signature cocktails made from the bar’s special dry fruits and ice creams.

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