Tips on Making Cheap Trips to Tarsus

A visit to Tarsus, Turkey can be a great way to experience ancient ruins, enjoy the delights of the beach, and get a feel for the local culture. The most popular activities in this area include visiting tomb sites, trying sand castles and zorbing down a hill, all of which are easily accessible from the beach. This article provides information on how to budget a trip to Tarsus and details about the hotels and other attractions available.

The average price for a 7 day trip to Tarsus with a solo traveler is around $1, 181. With a group of up to four people, the price can go up to two or three thousand dollars. Tarsus attractions range from ancient ruins to modern day fun and adventure. Most popular activities include rafting down the Dead Sea, hiking along mountain trails, enjoying the beaches, sunbathing on the beach, and visiting tombs. One should avoid taking a trip to the Sinai Peninsula as the area is highly visited by tourists and it can be difficult to get rental cars to reach Tarsus.

When considering accommodation, travelers may wonder what the best options for Tarsus are. As there are many Tarsus attractions to visit, a single hotel room can easily exceed the daily expenses for an entire week. A popular option for Tarsus vacations is to find a three-star hotel in the surrounding area that includes daily expenses for meals, drinks, laundry, transportation, and other activities. While many of these hotels charge extra for breakfast and lunch, they usually include all daily expenses when providing accommodations. Be sure to note the total per day for all activities in the room package. This will ensure that the vacation rental costs do not exceed the total budget for the trip.

Another option to help lower Tarsus expenses is to split the costs between two hotels in the area. The traveler can choose a hotel with breakfast, lunch, and dinner and pay per person. These rates are often cheaper than those associated with two separate rooms. If the traveler is traveling with a large group, consider splitting the cost of accommodations for more people and purchasing plane tickets for each person separately. While these options may not be ideal for long term stays, they are ideal for short trips or one night stops.

For travelers that plan to fly to Tarsus, hotels near the city are often the best choice. In addition, there are discount airfare deals to the area. Traveling by air is often the cheapest way to travel to the Mediterranean coast. If a traveler is willing to spend the time researching the various airlines and online travel portals, he can find discount airfare rates as low as twenty dollars for round trip fares. Flyer fuel surcharges may apply, however, so it is good to be aware of any additional fees associated with air travel. Some airlines even offer special deals that include hotel stays.

The traveler should look for flight insurance to protect the trip’s cost in case a plane crashes. If a luggage failure occurs, insurance will provide cover for the contents of the bags. This can make the difference between having an enjoyable trip and having to pay several thousand dollars to replace the belongings. Traveling without insurance can lead to expensive expenditures, especially if the plane crashes while carrying expensive items.