Boat Ride to Naivasha – A Day of Sailing in Kenya

If you love exploring, then the perfect trip to Kenya will definitely leave you excited and wanting for more. Naivasha is literally the ultimate destination for your all-terrain travel needs. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling boat ride amidst stunning scenery or just some wonderful day trips from Nairobi, Naivasha truly is the ideal choice. Your safari in Kenya is sure to be an unforgettable experience with the opportunities available such as:

Trip to Naivasha

For a truly unique and extraordinary trip that you will never forget, try a one-day trip to Naivasha. A one day trip to Naivasha offers the opportunity to explore the many interesting sites in the region, from the fertile landscape of the Serengeti plains, to the vast Kenya River National Park. If you like wildlife, then you will love Naivasha as the national park has one of the largest population of elephants. It is also home to the seasonal wildebeest migrations, which have been known to carry calves and adults from the plains to the water-carved mountains of the Ngorongoro Crater.

A great rift valley trip will allow you to visit the Great Rift Valley region of Kenya where you can hike the many volcanic peaks and valleys that stretch from Kenya’s coastline to the Himalayas. The best part of this tour is that it allows you to see the Great Rift Valley region without having to cover too much distance. This gives the tourists more chance to observe the flora and fauna and the geology of the region.

Another great trip option for your one-day trip to Kenya is a road trip. Road trips enable you to get around the country much faster than taking a tour. You can start your journey in Nairobi and go to other major cities like Nairobi, Mombasa, Kilifi, Harare and Kisumu.

For a more relaxed and laid back feel on your trip to Kenya, then you might want to try one day boat riding in Naivasha. Boats are available for rent in the town and you can even take the boats to Kenya’s coastline. This is one of the most popular activities in Naivasha, where there are always a number of boating aficionados in the area. After enjoying the ride back and forth in the boats, you can then spend some time sightseeing in town or explore the nearby archaeological site at Mano Nairobi.

Naivasha offers a lot of interesting things for people of all ages. There are a number of places for water sports, beautiful landscapes, great cuisine, and even a good selection of Internet cafes to choose from. If you have never been to Kenya before, then taking a boat ride to Naivasha during your stay in the country may be the perfect way to see the region first hand. With its unique culture, Kenya has much to offer its visitors, so plan your trip to Naivasha today and enjoy!